Is content the most important part of SEO?


So far, this year has been a goldmine of knowledge and experience. By being able to work with new clients, I experimented with different SEO techniques, resources and was as motivated as ever to bring results and value.

Our new clients cover a range of competitive industries such as CBD, startup scene and weddings, so I had to get any advantage over their competitors to beat them in tough keywords. When it comes to beating the competition, it’s important to look at what they’re doing and do it better, with a spice of your own.

New clients often mean a lot more responsibility, stress and habit changes. I needed to devote a lot more time to research and manual work, because as we all know, SEO is tedious work. When I say habit changes, I meant, I would have to crawl, audit, write and read about clients’ industry, website and tools every damn day, and so I did. Here are my main notes:

Content IS still king and always will be

You’ve heard this a thousand times, whether it’s Neil Patel or any f*cking SEO guru that jumps out while you’re browsing the internet. However, they’re not fully wrong when they push stuff onto you. Content is #1 and writing informative and relevant articles will get you a long way.

Let’s say you have a blog about a mixed martial art, judo for example. You are not the master but you know some stuff and love writing about it. You’re competing with some people or companies that have more knowledge or experience and they are crushing you.

What do you do? Do your damn research, watch dozens of videos on the article you want to write, read dozens of articles until you get solid knowledge and understanding of the topic. What do you do after that? You jump in and write double the amont of their ranking content. If it’s possible to write 5000 words about the topic, write it. If it’s possible to write 10,000, write it, but don’t bullshit, write relevant and informative content.

It’s also important to know that content is not necessarily only text, but merely a mix of quality information which can be offered in text, images, videos within an article which provides VALUE to the reader. That’s what Google loves, and that’s why you’ll rank if you manage to provide the users with good content.


In May this year, my team from Rank Sunshine and I started a side project, more specifically, a health blog. In just four months we were able to rank on the first page for a very tough keyword with just content. How you ask? Simply by applying what I described above.

We identified our competition, noted their weaknesses and improved where we knew we could. Only thing it took was research and some composure to write good, informative posts.

Just this content that ranks, brings us some good organic traffic. Since it’s just the beginning it’s nothing much, less than 100 users per month, but considering we built no backlinks this is great.

Oh and I forgot to mention, writing good content makes people naturally link back to you, so we got 10 backlinks without lifting a hand.

Is content the most important part of SEO? 1

So what does this tell you, no paid search, no backlinks and we’re still getting decent traffic? Content is king. Start a website, write a post a day, when your content gets recognized you’ll start earning. As simple as that.

Good luck!

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