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Is content the most important part of SEO?


So far, this year has been a goldmine of knowledge and experience. By being able to work with new clients, I experimented with different SEO techniques, resources and was as motivated as ever to bring results and value.Our new clients cover a range of competitive industries such as CBD, startup scene and weddings, so I had to get any advantage over their competitors to beat them in tough keywords...

How to set up your First Server and WordPress Application on Cloudways


Cloudways Server Setup Guide Every now and then, when I am doing work on my servers or applications on Cloudways, I remember the old times when I used to host my websites on Hostgator. Thinking back of those times, I feel super lucky now, just because everything is much much easier when you have control over your personal/business tech stack. When it comes to this split, mine is all-in-one. I run...

How to propely test and optimize your WordPress website


Majority of WordPress website owners do a bit of backend performance work on their websites and do some SEO. Most people struggle with poorly developed themes which lower the performance score, and unnecessarily big content which slows down the load times. If you are a website owner and are not ranking well for your keywords, you can find some good recommendations in this post. Logically...

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